Custom shirts are finally here! Finally give your crew the shirts they deserve.

Email to get started 

How this works:

Step 1: Determine which shirt best fits your ship. At this time, your options are as follows:

Container ship

Container Ship







Step 2: Provide us with your vessel's name. The name can be placed below or above the ship graphic, and can be yellow, white or grey colored text.


Step 3: Provide us with a breast pocket image or choose from the following:

  • Anchor
  • Propellor
  • US Flag
  • Vessel's Name
  • Company Name

Step 4: We will send you proofs of the product. At this point we will also provide you with the final price and bulk order discount.


Step 5: Count up how many crew members want shirts, fill out the order form, and send in payment. 


Step 6: Receive your custom shirts in the mail and enjoy!


Base cost*:

                          Quantity:                                           Price:

                           1-3                                                  $23.99/shirt*

                           4-10                                                $21.99/shirt*

                           10+                                                 $20.99/shirt*


*Base cost includes cost of shipping in one batch shipment. Additional content such as a custom design or additional prints will increase the cost per shirt. Please note that prices listed denotes base price shirts. Base priced shirts include Small, Medium, and Larges. Extra Large size shirts and above will cost slightly more.


Have an idea that wasn't listed on here? Email us at and start a conversation with us. You can't get what you don't ask for.